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samedi, juillet 29

Does anyone even read this?

Hrmmm. I wonder.

If anyone still is and is wondering where the hell I've been check me out at my new diggs.

Hope to see you there =)

jeudi, mai 18

I made a girl stop carrying her LV bag

In my media research: principles + practices (summer) 4+ hour class, I made a comment during one of our "close reading" sessions. An unnamed female, loves to carry her brand new LV speedy bag around (we have 2 classes together, so I see her almost 8 hrs a day!) and she decides to write one of her papers on her LV bag. In our paper, we had to analyze our topic and decipher any symbolism and stereotypes it may have. It was a fun paper and the day it was due we discussed it and she was up to talk about her beloved bag.

My prof then asked her some general questions like who is Louis Vuitton, what's the monogram of and any other visual characteristics of the bag. But she was clueless and I ended answering all of her questions - He was a french man, He was dead, He first made trunks and luggage, The flowers are similar to the fleur de lys, etc. You know general shit you should know before deciding to spend/throw away a few hundred bucks! Then, one of the dudes in my class blurts out, "And aren't the characters on the monogram suppose to match up?" Genious! And he wasn't even gay!

So, I begin to spew out, "Yeah and they only use one piece of leather, so you can see that on one side of her bag the LVs are upside down!" My prof then tells the LV girl to bust out her bag so she can see and begins to pass it around after inspection. But as we all could clearly see, it was a fake. Both sides had LVs facing the right way and when you looked underneath there was this strip of leather that put the bag together.

We didn't say anything and just moved along to the next paper.

So, the day after, she comes to class sans LV or as Sir Mix Alot likes to call it "Swapmeet Louie" - I hope I didn't embarass her.

mercredi, mai 17

Four Things

4 Jobs I've Had:
Retail Clerk + Parade Security at Disneyland
Cashier at a video store
Allergy Specialist + Store Manager at Sneeze-Free
Intern Extraordinaire at local non-profit

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
Legends of the Fall
Edward Scissorhands
Moulin Rouge
The Sound of Music

4 Places I've Lived:
Tandang Sora, Quezon City, PI
Glendale, CA
Victorville, CA
Menlo Park, CA

4 Shows I Love:
Gilmore Girls
Cash Cab

4 Places I Want to Go On Vacation:
French Riviera

4 Favorite Dishes:
Sushi (anything spicy!)
Salmon Katsu Curry Don
Chaufa de Mariscos w/salsa verde
Calamari with black beans + platanos

4 Sites I Visit Daily:

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
At my bed in the Haight
At a spa
Caesar's Lake Tahoe waiting for Jamie Cullum
One of the vacation spots